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TLC stories

I used to think that storytelling was limited to tribal or folklore-ish  stories ... the moon and the fox becoming fast friends while the snake pissed off everyone.

Then about eight years ago, during a hellish commute allll the way up to Shoreline,  I stumbled across The Moth on KUOW.

When I discovered I could attend a Moth StorySLAM in person and put my name in the hat to win a spot on the stage: oh! I had found my tribe.

But I spent at least six months fretting, reviewing each month's theme and thinking "man, I got nothing!" 

Until one day ... the them was "accidents."  Shazam! 

But for my first Moth story tell, I had to pick my 'favorite' car accident.  I did not win first place that night, but I met a dear friend, Allison, which is better than any old prize.

Click here for the video ... 

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