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TLC stories

I used to think that storytelling was limited to tribal or folklore-ish  stories ... the moon and the fox becoming fast friends while the snake pissed off everyone.

Then about eight years ago, during a hellish commute,  I stumbled across The Moth on KUOW.

When I discovered I could attend a Moth StorySLAM in person and put my name in the hat to win a spot on the stage: oh! I had found my tribe.

2014 October Seattle Moth: Accidents

'Tis true, I've been in eight car accidents. Well, nine if you count that freak thift store two mph 'tapping' of bumpers.

Of the eight car accidents, only the first one was I wholly at fault. Accidents #2 through #8, me just getting smacked around by really bad drivers.

But for my first Moth story tell, I had to pick my 'favorite' car accident.

I did not win first place that night, but I met a dear friend, Allison, which is better than any old prize.

Eight car accidents gets me on stage!
Click here to watch my maiden voyage at the Moth. 

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