Champagne Problems ... and Guilt

After 52 days in quarantine, it is starting to feel like I've found some semblance of a foothold.

We both have full time employment and health benefits ... and our health. The girls both have school laptops on which to engage in their distance learning. Can I just say? I *adore* the video their teacher makes twice a week. It is ridiculous silly and involves a bobblehead version of the teacher in search of the 'mysterious' rubber ducky. Natch, the ducky is usually somewhere patently obvious. Nonetheless, I look forward to new installments ... eagerly.

I had a minor health scare that involved having some bits removed from (as they say in Italy) my farfalla and all the bits are benign. Course my regular doctor is in Kirkland and my primary care doctor stressed the importance of not going anywhere near that hospital. Natch, the bit removal was done at an out-of-network place ... so the $3,000 'co pay' is definitely a champagne problem. Thank heavens for the stimulus checks. I might ask the insurance company for an exception, just the on the off-chance someone on the other end has also had farfalla problems and would understand that I wouldn't ask if I didn't need it.

As everywhere else, standing in line to buy, well, anything ... is the norm now. Probably a surprising stress point was at Uwajimaya in Bellevue yesterday.

The Asian megastore is adjacent to the local Bev Mo booze boutique. The boozey people were freaking out that the Uwajimaya line was going to "block" their customers, so the Uwajimaya line was relocated to stretch through the parking lot.

I mean, seriously, it seems like people who sell nothing but booze would be a little more chill. Just sayin' ...

I've been itching to regain some gardening momentum was super bummed to see 60+ people in line at Home Depot two weeks ago. And, no, they were not distancing, they were packed in like awaiting concert tix. Also, speaking of line etiquette, the Home Depot line denizens were wrapping around the area usually reserved for day laborers.

My treat to myself last weekend was booking a shopping appointment at the Molbak's Nursery in Woodinville. I was so happy, I wanted to just lay in the middle of the perennial aisle and breathe deeply and wallow in the joy Molbak's brought to me.

We've made masks ... I'm the happiest in my unicorn masks from a Target dress from two years ago. However, what with washing and hanging to dry, we needed some spares, so I bought a 4-pack from Etsy. The Etsy masks are certainly done by a pro, but just a teensy bit too small and make my ears stand out like a baby elephant. It is fascinating to see where masks are not worn at all (Woodinville Target) and where there's not a naked face in sight (Bellevue Uwajimaya).

We've had a 20-inch TV for at least a decade ... and every time we visited somewhere with a gi-normous screen, the girls would whinge about the unfairness of it all. I kept saying to James "If we get a bigger TV, it'll send a message that the TV is the most important thing in the room." The quarantine combined with a good sale at BestBuy finally convinced me to upgrade to 40"-inch screen. Maiden voyage of the new, giant screen? Titanic. At the end, Charlotte said "That was sadder than I thought it'd be." Umm, okay, but I did forewarn you that the ship sank and that people died, right? "I thought you meant like four or five people died. Not thousands, mom."

Finally, wowsers, financials continue to amaze me. I bought gas at Costco for $2.29 / gallon. And then like a blinky tourist, I took a pic because I cannot remember the last time gas was this cheap.

And on the flip side? Gold is now selling at $1,699 / ounce. Yeeesh! When I had my financial show in Times Square in 2000, gold was having a hard time staying up over $450 / ounce.

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