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myocardial bridge

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I remember, vividly, when I asked Dr. Google for help on 'myocardial bridge' in the spring of 2017. There were barely a dozen links that were current. A video with Dr. Tremmel at Stanford. An lovely website by the Texas Heart Institute stating that myocardial bridges are "harmless." And an academic paper about 15 myocardial bridge patients at the Fu Wai Hospital in Beijing. The only things scarier about a heart condition is finding out that Google doesn't have the answers.

There was one book on Amazon.

All hail Facebook! I was thrilled to see there was a myocardial bridge support group on Facebook, joined instantly and loudly whined about my horrible, singular  misdiagnosis experience.

And I quickly was greeted warmly by fellow MB unicorns who, allll around the world, were also told that their heart problems were benign and their chest pain was anxiety. Paris, New York, Dubai: all big cities with, presumably, some of the best doctors around. 

We were a hardy little group of about 100 people. And in three years, the Facebook MB family has grown to nearly 900 (as of June 2021) members.  Click here to join us.

From the group, member Rob Thornett has worked his fingers to the bone, putting together a very robust wikipedia page. He's also manning a Twitter account.



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