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The Yoga Teacher's Heart Attack

Chapter 3: The Heart Attack Foreshadowing

Two weeks after the car eyes whiteout experience, I had my Sunday mapped out: hot yoga class, brunch with a friend, hit some thrift stores in the afternoon. New York Times would hold my attention for the rest of the day. 

However, my body had a different idea. I slept right through my alarm clock. And not by a few minutes. I had set my alarm for 8:00 am to get to a 9:30 class. I woke up at 11:00 and felt just plain rotten. My lower back ached like I'd been in a car accident.


Also, I had been having a persistent jawbone ache that on this Sunday was easily clocking in at an eight on the out-of-ten pain scale. The jaw pain had been persistent for about two months, enough that I made it to two different dentists to see if there was anything structural to explain the pain. 

I've had had TMJ for a very long time and often woke up with the left side of my jaw locked shut. Some rubbing by my left ear would usually pop the jaw open and the ache on the left side would go away after an hour or two. 

But this jaw pain had been different. The pain ran the entire bottom of the mandible and no amount of heat, ice, rubbing, or pain meds could make it go away. 

So on that Sunday, March 5th of 2017, I sat in my living room for hours, feeling a very clear sense of impending doom.


I had no energy or desire to read the New York Times, I had zero desire to find an afternoon yoga class. I stood my friend up and didn't have enough oomph to even send her a text.  I just sat on the chair, feeling incredibly, horribly off.

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