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March Events


18 Mar 7pm 

Fresh Ground Stories

This month's theme is going with your gut, working through a time when you had to face up to something. 

Join the gang through MeetUp

Want to attend? Email the host, Paul

irridescent robot.PNG

26 Mar 4pm

Irridescent Robot

Storytelling Club

Former Seattle Moth producer Danielle started the Irridescent Robot Storytelling Club last year. 

This month's theme is spring.

I'll be telling a story about the time the doctor wanted to put a stent inside my heart. 

February Events


Fresh Ground Stories

This month's theme? The best worst thing that ever happened to you. 

Connect with the FGS tribe through MeetUp. Third Thursday of the month. First timer tellers get first dibs at the mic. 

18 Feb 7pm 


Unexpected Productions

I tell a true story about my first-ever  job in NYC. The hilarious UP improvisers craft a skit based on the story. 

Click here to watch on Twitch.TV
My bit starts at 1:08:00 if you want to ff. 


20 Feb 7pm

99 seconds.PNG

99-Second Story SLAM!

Yeppir ... you've got 99 seconds to tell your story.  Top five tellers compete to win the event. Those winners then go on to a final Grand Slam.

Click here to watch the video. 
My 99 seconds of fame starts at: 46:02 

21 Feb 4pm 

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