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I fell in love with writing when I discovered an old typewriter in my playroom. Oh, I could just sit for hours, pecking away. Snaps to my mum for saving a few of my masterpieces.

I've written oh-so-many books, the majority of which are trapped in the proverbial drawer. I did, however, publish my yoga memoir in 2007.

The Mighty Cobra & The Pink Rabbit is a delightful, illustrated diary of pear-shaped me trying to 'blend' in amidst the greyhound-thin bendy people at Bikram's hot yoga teacher training. Spring 2005, Group Two!

Umm, yeah. That Bikram. The pervy yoga 'guru' accused of assaulting many young women. Women including BFF Larissa Anderson and yoga classmate Sarah Baughn.

The Netflix guy? Yeppir. That one.

pink rabbit.png
netflix bikram.png

I've been struggling for a while with writer's block and, sure, writing a funny book about a man who turned out to be a serial rapist-y as Bill Cosby? That took its toll. Also taking its toll was Bikram's stranglehold on 'his' studio owners, the majority of which didn't want to promote my book lest they anger the king.

It is possible that Ann Rule knows how I feel. She penned the glorious Stranger Beside Me, about her being a crisis line coworker with none other than Ted Bundy. That Ted Bundy, the guy pillaging UW coeds also was nice enough to walk Ann Rule to her car late at night, even quipping once  that she needed to stay safe since there was a crazed killer in their city.

Books in the drawer?

The joys of creating a search engine for B&Bs in the late go-go 1990s.

Leaving the Land of Should

Wall Street nutcracker and financial broadcaster flees blah marriage and starts afresh in Seattle.

Unicorn Heart Gal  (current work in progress)
Memoir of surviving multiple heart episodes including two walking heart attacks ... and if that weren't scary enough, surviving misdiagnosis and women-hating doctors was nearly more fatal than the heart blockage itself.

You Done Us Wrong

Star-crossed lovers, eugenics and how Oliver Wendell Holmes really mucked things up for us gals.

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