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books: Past

I fell in love with writing when I discovered an old typewriter in my playroom. Oh, I could just sit for hours, pecking away. Snaps to my mum for saving a few of my masterpieces.

I've written oh-so-many books, the majority of which are trapped in the proverbial drawer. I did, however, publish my yoga memoir in 2007.

The Mighty Cobra & The Pink Rabbit is a delightful, illustrated diary of pear-shaped me trying to 'blend' in amidst the greyhound-thin bendy people at Bikram's hot yoga teacher training. Spring 2005, Group Two!

Umm, yeah. That Bikram. The pervy yoga 'guru' accused of assaulting many young women. Women including BFF Larissa Anderson and yoga classmate Sarah Baughn.  While hard to watch, the Netlfix documentary is a must-see. 

The Netflix guy? Yeppir. That one.

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Marketing Executive

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It’s easy. Just click “Edit Text” or double click me.

books: future

I have a couple of manuscripts in the proverbial drawer.

Because I love multitasking, as I'm finishing The Yoga Teacher's Heart Attack, I've also started Love Conquers Dick. This is my first fiction attempt. Giving up a promising financial journalism gig, Samantha and her husband create a search engine for B&Bs in the dial-up 1990s. Can she triumph over evil innkeepers and a slovenly spouse? Or is she bound for prison?

Leaving the Land of Should

Wall Street guru and financial broadcaster flees slovenly spouse, blah marriage and starts afresh in Seattle. Sequel to Dick. 

UW MFA Program statement of purpose

"Your shortness of breath is caused by your elevated BMI." 

ER Doctor

"The chest pain you feel is simply your anxiety... and is
not caused by your LAD blockage. "
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books: Present

I'm currently working on my memoir, The Yoga Teacher's Heart Attack, which chronicles my adventure of surviving multiple heart episodes including one walking heart attack. (Which wasn't painful in 'traditional' ways, but instead felt like King Kong had picked me up and was squeezing me within an inch of my life.)


Even scarier than a heart attack? I'm misdiagnosed by an incompetent ER doctor who neglected to mention three abnormalities on my EKG and elevated tropinins.


Scarier than that, the first cardiologist (but no the last, LOL) who found my heart blockage but laughed when I said I was still having alarming heart pain. "Your heart pain is simply your anxiety."

And if that weren't enough stress for a gal trying to not die from a congenital heart blockage, the only true solution was a fairly new surgery being performed at Stanford. Yes, that Stanford.

What's with the unicorn? I was shocked to learn that my heart anomaly -- a blocked LAD -- is considered benign by most doctors. Some doctors actually think, when they see the LAD on the inside of the heart, that it must be a shadow or a smudge on the image.


Because who walks around with their main artery inside their heart? If they can't see it, it must not exist. Just like unicorns. 

Click here to read along.

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