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to the club you thought you'd never have to join

Has your imperfect heart made you sad?
Mysogynist heart doc making you mad?

Then welcome to the Unicorn Heart Club!

Until 2017, I had always thought that people who had heart attacks were cigar-chewing white dudes, chubby men with high blood pressure, gnarly cholesterol and a backpack of bad habits. 

I knew to the bottom of my Lululemons that I would never, ever have a heart problem. I exercised at least ten hours per week, taught yoga, meditated, and frequently pretended to enjoy kale smoothies. My blood pressure has always been pitch perfect, cholesterol remarkably great, resting heart rate around 55bpm.

However, at the tender young age of 53, I had a series of heart events, including a walking heart attack. Who knew you could multitask -- make breakfast for your kids and have a cardiac arrest?  Who knew that the E.R. doctor would dismiss my elevated cardiac enzymes and abnormal EKG and send me home with salad recipes? Who knew that my blocked LAD could be written off as "benign" by a highly-recommended cardiologist?

Color me gobsmacked to learn that doctors often triage heart patients based on patient gender.

Do you have a penis and chest pain? Let's race you through the ER like cheetah.

Oh, wait, you have chest pain but no penis? Sorry, it's probably just hormones, we'll have Nurse Sloth and Dr. Koala  get right on that. 

As a result of this gender discrimination, women are twice as likely to die of heart disease than men are.

Blatant gender discrimination in cardiac events is so common, it even has a name: The Yentl Syndrome.

Named after the movie Yentl, in which a gal (Barbra Streisand) is only taken seriously after she pretends to be a dude. Meaning:  women heart patients are more likely to die from heart disease than men ... simply because we lack a penis. (Oh! if only they'd put "lack of penis" as a cause of death on a death certificate.) 

The past coupla years have been bumpy as fuck and then, in the life-gives-you-lemons moment of inspiration, I thought "Hmm, maybe there are other gals who had incompetent doctors! Maybe we could share ideas and help the new pledge class of the Unicorn Heart Club." 

I might need to order in some more chairs, though. According to the American
Heart Association, 720,000 people have their first heart attack every year.

That's one first-timer heart attack every 40 seconds.

Unicorn Heart Gal is Tracey Croisier, an author and heart attack survivor living in the Seattle area. She's a passionate, award-winning storyteller, mom to twin girls and school librarian.

stories + books

Tracey found her tribe at Seattle's The Moth StorySLAM six years ago. She's won four times and has had the privileg of telling at Seattle Town Hall and at Unexpected Productions. 

She published her yoga memoir  in 2007 and is currently at work on her heart memoir. She's also working on a novel, You Done Us Wrong, which looks at the fun eugenics crowd in the 1920s. 

the heart

Scads of information about the (allegedly) rare myocardial bridge and surgical repair. Also, heart attacks symptoms and women.


Women going to the ER with chest pain are seven times more likely (than men) to be misdiagnosed.

Bigger picture,  twelve million people in the U.S. are misdiagnosed every year. To add insult to injury, medical bills are the leading cause of bankruptcy in the U.S.


Because it is what all the other kids are doing. And it's easier than a podcast... right?`


A grab bag of topics ranging from Loch Ness to unicorns, podcasts to books, gluten free recipes and the Golden State killer. 

faces of heart disease

Living proof that not all heart disease folks are tubby bad boys 

Jennie Garth

The actress learned in her 30s that she has a leaky valve; her father died from heart disease.

star jones

Shed 160 pounds and exercised daily ... only to need open heart surgery at age 42 to repair her aortic valve.

Running Guru

Jim Fixx, who ignited America's love of running in the 1970s, died whilst running at age 52.

s lucci BW

Thin 'n fit Susan Lucci had a heart attack at age 71, which required emergency heart surgery.

Toni Braxton

"Un-Break My Heart" songstress Toni Braxton was diagnosed with pericarditis and, later on, with microvascular angina.

Barbara Walters

Newswoman pioneer Barbara Walter needed her aortic valve replaced.

Kelsey Grammer

The actor had a heart attack while paddleboarding in Hawaii.

Alex Trebek

The gameshow host has survived two heart attacks. He's currently in treatment for pancreatic cancer.

Robin Williams

Similar to Barbara Walters, funnyman Robin Williams underwent heart surgery to repair his aortic valve.

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Robin Williams

Similar to Barbara Walters, funnyman Robin Williams underwent heart surgery to repair his aortic valve.